Building with more than just blocks


Version: Java 1.18+

What is CivMC?

CivMC is a geopolitical Minecraft server focused on civilization-building. Players form nations and establish governments, wars occur, and treaties are signed.
The server represents the current iteration of a long history of civilization servers. Veterans of the genre play in old nations with deep lore spanning ages, while new friends have a vast unexplored world to discover, coexisting and helping one another to build a strong community.
The server employs several community-made plugins to facilitate gameplay without mandating role-play. Citadel adds block reinforcement, allowing players to protect their property by using resources to make blocks harder to break. ExilePearl enables players to imprison law-breakers by killing them while holding an ender pearl. FactoryMod introduces factories, requiring players to pay a price for their creation but reducing the cost of tool manufacturing. RealisticBiomes increases the difficulty of crop growth as they can only flourish in their respective biomes. However, crops serve as the sole source of experience on the server. RailSwitch allows the creation of expansive rail networks, while Brewery adds a selection of alcoholic beverages with secret recipes that many players aspire to uncover.



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